Thursday, December 31, 2009


love them all...
evethough people could say that we are not siblings...(so variation)...but, nothing could change our's normal if we do had fighting...or make jokes between oneself..but all of that are the best moment that i could miss when we are far apart...

Monday, December 21, 2009


erm....bulan nie cm byk je cuti..ikutkn ati memg nk blek tiap2 miggu..
tp ble pk blek..kat umah, klo dh jmpe angh..memg x pegang buku...
tp ble duk lme2 kat glen nie..rse cm nk terjun je aparment nie...
erm..ble tgk org blek..nk study pon cm mls...dhle mknan mhl..perot nie xbleh control..
nk g jln2..kjap times square kjap midvalley kjap masjd jamek kjap sogo... lme2 pk blek xde pape pon kat kl nie..erm..abeh duet tmbg je..kan best klo sume kat dunia nie free.. so xde le ad org yg x brupaye 2 duk tpi laluan besi kat pudu 2 minx sdekah...kdg2 cian tgk diorg.. b4 nie kt pnah dgr org kate..wat pe bg duet kat diorg..tgk cm berupaye ble dgr crmh ustaz kat surau, die kate rasullah akn cube sedaya upaya bg ape yg die ade klo ade org minx sdekah kat die..ble pk blek..harta kat dunia nie bukannye ntk kt sorg.. harta yg kt ade nie pon hak org2 yg x mampu 2.. jd x slh rasenye kt hulurkn ckit duet pde yg layak...k

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

extra lessons..

~Bookworms are nerds?? I agree with that before, but as I read from the magazine early in this morning, I changed my mind. Recently, psychology researchers discovered that frequent fiction readers possessed stronger social abilities than the non-readers. They said, reading fiction could help enhance your social skills. Actually, I didn’t comprehend so much why they said so..he4.
*(grinning) so, the moral of this story is don’t judge a book by its cover but its price instead..he4.

~Are you aquaholic? If you always want to go to the ladies or gents every an hour, you are having a big problem buddies. Sorry to say that you are one of the aquaholic’s team. Don’t get offended. Aquaholics do exist guys. The conditions are when you drink over 5 liters of water a day and you felt uneasy when you can’t get a glass of water. So, just take around 2 liters of liquid daily. The moral of this is that, Math is crucial...

~It’s hard to believe someone, isn’t it? But, in certain condition you should. Last Friday, I went back home (Malacca) as I want to fulfill my precious time with my beloved mum before she performs her Hajj. So, I took a bus at the Pudu station, just like before but it doesn’t happen that way.. The story starts here..

*Monolog..The bus should be here right now..(keep looking at my late father’s phone to know what is the time now) I should by a watch..10 minutes early!! I taught I’m late..don’t a message from zue whom the one that need to wait for the 2nd ktm..*grinning..(To pretend that I’m not miss the bus)

6.40pm..Should I wait or not..should I ? shouldn’t ? should I ? shouldn’t ? My mind stuck right now..A few minutes ago..There is a man, I think around 20s maybe approaching me..*don’t woo me..yuuh..

XY : looks like you already miss the bus..I just saw double-daker bus left and you are late for 10 minutes..

me: (showing face of disbelieve)..

XY : I can change your ticket but 5 ringgit for my kindness..Saya bukan ah Long..saya nak tolong..

me: *(His dialect. gotcha! I knew already he’s Kelantanist.) If you want to help me, no need asking me for the 5 rggt..huh..

XY : cmnile klo nk survive..

It’s hard for me to make a prompt decision..A lot of quest in my mind..rolling like a roller coster # can I trust him?should I wait for another 10 minutes?do I have 5 rggt in my purse? Is it the way how people want to steal my purse when I open my beg? Should I call my mum right now?nope..I don’t want her worry about me…Buy another ticket..oh! that could be expensive with Bismillah and hope that he will get me off the hook..

Me : okay..

Luckily, it did happened just like he said and thanks to him. Even I don’t know his name but his face will not eludes me...and I heard from the bus driver that my bus left early..*mumbling..the driver should follow the schedules..huh..still,it’s not my the moral of this story is that make sure there’s some money with least 5 rggt

~I’m wondering what she is doing right now.erm..I miss her...One thing I want to do is as I see her after a month and a few days perform Hajj, kiss her and clutch her hand like before..

~gud luck to zue for the incoming exam..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

i'm back..

The sky is getting dark, and I glanced at my watch ( I don’t even have one). I’m exhausted, and I really mean it. I don’t know why the driver drives this double-daker bus too slow…seems that my journey begins at Johor..huh..2 hours and a’s suppose to be an hour only if the driver forget all the traffic rules and exceed the normal speed..I don’t care all the rules and regulations as long as I reach my destination early than I taught..It’s already dark as I reach pudu station.. after performing solah, I keep forcing my legs to walk and take lrt…even I try to make my move a little bit fast, but still I can’t even have any seat to’s okay,then. As I keep still in that cube(lrt), then I realized there are a lot of rules here. No littering.erm I never done it before. No food and drinks, erm.. I bring Mc Flurry before, once okay. No indecent behavior here…even the government attach all that sign, still I could see a couple are kissing in front of me..hweyk. As I make my step here, at lrt chempaka, I realized that my battle is not complete yet..maybe a little bit relieve. The relieve of finishing the speaking test.At least i have a good holiday, 4 days are quite ample time for me. Thanks to those wishing me good luck and keep on supporting me..thanks..Nothing would bring me down..

Friday, October 16, 2009

me,myself and i

Just join this quiz, “ What Your Birth Month Says..” in facebook. Here, the result..erm, no comment.. I think 70% are correct.

  • Easily influenced by kindness
  • Polite and soft-spoken
  • Having lots of ideas
  • Sensitive
  • Active mind
  • Hesitating
  • Tends to delay
  • Choosy and always wants the best
  • Temperamental
  • Funny and humorous
  • Loves to joke
  • Good debating skills
  • Talkative
  • Daydreamer
  • Friendly
  • Knows how to make friends
  • Abiding
  • Able to show character
  • Easily hurt
  • Prone to getting colds
  • Loves to dress up
  • Easily bored
  • Fussy
  • Seldom shows emotions
  • Takes time to recover when hurt
  • Brand conscious
  • Executive
  • Stubborn
  • Thinks far with vision

Monday, October 12, 2009

The authentic battle

The final exam is just around the corner, and I could see the hardship of my peers, finishing the Vanders, Guyton and another one is Sherwood. To be an honest friend of yours, only these 3 books in my mind and for me, Guyton got the Nobel Prize due to its thickness, and that is the reason why I bought one. He4. But, I’m too lazy to read that book even the lecture’s notes itself, recently. Actually, I was born without knowing the word lazy and it is also never exist in my life. That is my principle and I shared this principle with my friend named Sof.( I just make up that, okay..I learned from Salleh..don’t blame me)He4..I do have a study group, and I really appreciate my members as they kept explained to me until I came to a word “ I understand ”. That magic word really made them relieved especially when I saw the expression of Chan’s face. Sorry Chan, your name is here, but you should be proud okay. Recently, something bothering me, and I realized that I’m in love..opps, sorry..I realized that I’m running out of time. There are only 10 days left, and I’ll face the authentic battle alone. This is not the battle as we learned in History but it is the Speaking test, and I’ll sit it on 22nd Oct. By the way, to all my friends and foes, feel free to pray for me. People could say that it is a smallest thing, but for me it looks like when you are standing outside during the raining day. Of course you’ll catch your death then, that is what I feel right now.

Rationally, my lungs must still be intact, yet how come I could gasp for air and my heart must have been beating but I could not hear the sound of my pulse. This thing really distracted me. I always asked myself, why me? Why I’m the only XX and others 3 are guys to face this battle. Seems that I have 3 bodyguards, but the real thing is they are keep bullying me.huh. Sometimes, these thing will be fading away when we have someone that does not feel any hesitate to share your pain together. Someone said to me,” Your English is better that me, and last time your paper was exchanged with mine”. I knew it never happened that way, but I really appreciate to A*** because he manages to bring the smile back. Laughter is the best medicine, so for the pharmacist, stop memorize all those unique medicine’s name and learn how to make your patient laugh instead.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

He's the best ever

Where should I start? erm, seem that I’m the new comer in this blog, so I don’t have any idea at all what I’m going to write on..if you ask me right now, what thing come across in my mind is that, I miss someone that really special in my life. It feels like you are just missing something crucial and without it your life would not as perfect as before. But, I can’t do anything right now as it was destined to be that way. Al-fatihah to my beloved father, Hashim Bin Mohd, who is the one that taught me how to become an independent one and remind me that to be successful in life, I need to have these 3 things which are knowledge, experience, and common sense..Thankful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to be there with him, accompany him, and cut my good night sleep to make sure he’s in a good condition before his last breath eventhough I heard from the doctor that only a miracle will make him awake from coma..There’s no miracle and I need to face that fact this is the best thing for him, instead of looking him suffer from sepsis..Frankly speaking, it is hard to face the reality then…

Monday, October 5, 2009