Wednesday, November 4, 2009

extra lessons..

~Bookworms are nerds?? I agree with that before, but as I read from the magazine early in this morning, I changed my mind. Recently, psychology researchers discovered that frequent fiction readers possessed stronger social abilities than the non-readers. They said, reading fiction could help enhance your social skills. Actually, I didn’t comprehend so much why they said so..he4.
*(grinning) so, the moral of this story is don’t judge a book by its cover but its price instead..he4.

~Are you aquaholic? If you always want to go to the ladies or gents every an hour, you are having a big problem buddies. Sorry to say that you are one of the aquaholic’s team. Don’t get offended. Aquaholics do exist guys. The conditions are when you drink over 5 liters of water a day and you felt uneasy when you can’t get a glass of water. So, just take around 2 liters of liquid daily. The moral of this is that, Math is crucial...

~It’s hard to believe someone, isn’t it? But, in certain condition you should. Last Friday, I went back home (Malacca) as I want to fulfill my precious time with my beloved mum before she performs her Hajj. So, I took a bus at the Pudu station, just like before but it doesn’t happen that way.. The story starts here..

*Monolog..The bus should be here right now..(keep looking at my late father’s phone to know what is the time now) I should by a watch..10 minutes early!! I taught I’m late..don’t a message from zue whom the one that need to wait for the 2nd ktm..*grinning..(To pretend that I’m not miss the bus)

6.40pm..Should I wait or not..should I ? shouldn’t ? should I ? shouldn’t ? My mind stuck right now..A few minutes ago..There is a man, I think around 20s maybe approaching me..*don’t woo me..yuuh..

XY : looks like you already miss the bus..I just saw double-daker bus left and you are late for 10 minutes..

me: (showing face of disbelieve)..

XY : I can change your ticket but 5 ringgit for my kindness..Saya bukan ah Long..saya nak tolong..

me: *(His dialect. gotcha! I knew already he’s Kelantanist.) If you want to help me, no need asking me for the 5 rggt..huh..

XY : cmnile klo nk survive..

It’s hard for me to make a prompt decision..A lot of quest in my mind..rolling like a roller coster # can I trust him?should I wait for another 10 minutes?do I have 5 rggt in my purse? Is it the way how people want to steal my purse when I open my beg? Should I call my mum right now?nope..I don’t want her worry about me…Buy another ticket..oh! that could be expensive with Bismillah and hope that he will get me off the hook..

Me : okay..

Luckily, it did happened just like he said and thanks to him. Even I don’t know his name but his face will not eludes me...and I heard from the bus driver that my bus left early..*mumbling..the driver should follow the schedules..huh..still,it’s not my the moral of this story is that make sure there’s some money with least 5 rggt

~I’m wondering what she is doing right now.erm..I miss her...One thing I want to do is as I see her after a month and a few days perform Hajj, kiss her and clutch her hand like before..

~gud luck to zue for the incoming exam..