Monday, May 17, 2010

snowy+tag = frowning

it's hard to accept the faith..isn't it?Yesterday,my gaze remained fixed at one of my sis's cat named snowy..wondering why on earth she didn't want to fill her weak stomach. In my mind, i think she's going to die, just as i thought..late afternoon, sun was slanting through the windows, making the interior of my room i entered it,she was dying..and

several hours later..

she died with mum and i were so enveloped with misery..i couldn't stand to bury her, so my brother did it..farewell snowy,who's the one that never ever makes me angry, never talk any bad things at my back..of course..grinning+ giggling..never let me down, never hurt my feelings and many more..oh, she drives me crazy right now..maybe after a couple of days, i'll be okay..

okay, lets turn into the tag game..really felt sorry to wafiy..what i did in my last post,it's just kidding..dont get offended..anyway, congratz become the pioneer of this game, if i'm not mistaken..and makes others blogger really participate it..i''ll join the game, maybe after you join should answer yours first, then have a right to tag me..he4..


  1. 2 3 kucing berlari,

    Manakan sama si kucing belang,

    2 3 boleh kau cari,

    Manakan sama si snowy sorang...

    Ni bleh bagi takziah ke x ???

  2. ha4..klakar r ko ni emang...
    erm...bleh kot..